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We Are Here For Made Your Idea

Whether you are a Startup, SMB or an Enterprise business, we are here to accelerate you on Cloud, break your technology barrier with a smooth, advanced Digital Experience from expert industry veterans

We are a dynamic team of Technology Accelerators

CloudBloq offers a specially curated bouquet of services and solutions to meet your Digital Technology Solutions needs.

Enterprise grade Solution Architecture as a Service, CTO as a Service / CTO-in-Residence, Custom Cloud Software development, DevOps as a Service, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence Services, Machine Learning & Cognitive Services, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing Development, Cloud Governance & Security as a Service etc.

Technology Accelerator for Enterprise
We will go ahead that extra mile to ensure our enterprise clients welfare, achievement in business success. Help in Security, Organizational Compliance and Policy governance on Cloud. Also help in achieving high degree of cost / performance trade off, scalability with zero CAPEX
Technology Accelerator for SMB
We provide affordable, efficient, secure, sclable Digital Services and Solutions for SMBs so that they can reduce cost, do increase in revenue and grow faster
Technology Accelerator for Startup
We provide cost optimized, scalable cloud technology services for Ideators, Innovators, Early Stage Entrepreneurs to get funded and grow fast to achieve their business goal
Cloud Software Development as a Service
Enterprise grade Solution Architecture as a Service, Custom Cloud Software development, DevOps as a Service, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence Services, Machine Learning & Cognitive Services, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing Development, Cloud Governance & Security as a Service etc.
Solution Architecture as a Service
We provide solutions to complex and challenging business problems with “Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge” strategy
CTO as a Service / CTO-in-Residence
Have a great idea of a product, but don’t know how to apply MVT (Minimal Viable Technology) in a correct way!! Developed prototype with Low-cost developments; Now have realized it is not fit for next stage! You need a CTO kind expert service which is affordable without any long term commitment

How we build awesome solutions

We are a young technology startup, based in India and Brazil. We consider each Customer as a Family Member who deserves nothing but the Best Service.

Our History

Started in January 2019, our unique Cloud Solution Architecture, ALM & DevOps Automation, Digital Collaboration Platform service and CTO service have already satisfied clients across USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, South East Asia, Mainland China and Hong Kong market
  • Ideation Started

    January 1st, 2017
    Found the problem of big void between growing startups, SMBs and rapid Digital Technology advancements with disruptions
  • Validating Ideas

    January 1st, 2019
    Validating idea with some startups and entrepreneurs
  • Pilot run for some SMBs and Startups

    May 20th, 2019
  • Got Incorporated Officially

    January 2nd, 2019
  • Going into LATAM Market

    Aug 1st, 2019
  • Now We are Here

    Dec 31, 2019
Project Successful


Project Successful

Expert Consultants


Expert Consultants

Team Members


Team Members




We Are Expert Industry Veterans

Solution Architecture as a Service 90%
CTO as a Service 90%
Cloud Accelerator for Business 90%
Collaboration Platform as a Service 80%


What our delighted clients are saying about us,

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our Team

How workforce development programs turn talent puddles into talent pools , Hiring isn’t easy. Employers might get hundreds

Our Services

30 day FREE Trial
Every Business case, every Problem statement is unique. We provide customized services & autonomous, intelligent solutions to meet your business needs. Contact us to know more about it.

CloudBloq Ignite ™

Ideal for Individuals, Idea stage

Starts from $500 after FREE evaluation

  • Early Architectural Engagement
  • Review Technology direction
  • Help in hands on MVT (Minimal Viable Technology)
  • Cost Optimized, Scalable Cloud Direction
  • Continuous feedback loop and hands on help

CloudBloq Uplift ™

Ideal for SMBs, Early stage Startups

Starts from $1500 after FREE evaluation

  • Onboard with Digital Collaboration Platform as a Service
  • Help with Cloud leveraged Intelligent, Scalable Solutions
  • Helps in building technology portfolio faster, aligned with business growth.
  • Extending team with a Virtual CTO, CTO-in-Residence service

CloudBloq Empower ™

Ideal for Growth stage Startups, Enterprises

Starts from $3000 after FREE evaluation

  • Dedicated CTO-in-Residence, No long term commitment
  • Continious Refinement Technology Roadmap, Technology stack
  • Implement Organizational Policy, Security and Governance on Full Technology and Cloud stack
  • Implement Security, SIEM strategies

Our Solutions

FREE Trial
Empower your business with CloudBloq Digital Platforms with just 3 simple steps – Analyze, Onboard and Start. Experience it with FREE Trial, within hours. No credit card required.

CloudBloq Business Fabric ™


Starts from $15/user/mo

  • Get on-boarded in 3 easy steps
  • Hybrid, Intelligent Business Apps on One Platform
  • Powered by Multi-Cloud, Business collaboration platforms
  • Secure, Policy based Intra-Business & Inter-Business Collaboration
  • Protect Business critical apps, data with Backup as a Service*
  • Dedicated channel for Platform Support & Digital Consulting

CloudBloq Virtual Lab ™

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Windows, Linux OS; No Licensing Fee; Pay Per User
  • On Demand, Policy controlled Computing Resources
  • Shared Cloud Storage Addon
  • Dedicated Online support
  • $0.5/Hr - 2 Cores, 3.5 GB RAM - ideal for web apps, productivity, school labs
  • $0.8/Hr - 4 Cores, 7 GB RAM - ideal for devtest machine, analytics, productivity apps
  • $1/Hr - 4 Cores, 16 GB RAM - Nested Virtualization, ideal for Development machine, high load database and analytics apps
  • $1.5/Hr - 8 Cores, 32 GB RAM - Nested Virtualization, ideal for Big Data Analytics, High performance business apps
  • $2.5/Hr - 6 Cores, 56 GB RAM - Visualization, for streaming, gaming, OpenGL and DirectX
  • $2.4/Hr - 6 Cores, 56 GB RAM - Compute, ideal for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • $5.5/Hr - 12 Cores, 112 GB RAM - Visualization, ideal for Streaming, Gaming, OpenGL and DirectX

Feel Free to Contact Us

R. Afonso Braz, 473 – 9° Andar, Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo

No. 677, 1st Floor, Suite #545, 13th Cross Road, HSR Layout, Sector 1, Bengaluru, 560102

Office Hours
Monday – Friday,
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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