Cloud Native, Decentralized Software Solutions

Focus more on “what your application should do rather which platform to select” as we help with maximize return leveraging Multicloud, Decentralized cloud native design principles with high Security & Scale, Cost Optimization and Resiliency for your system.

Multicloud, Decentralized Solution Architecture as a Service
cto as a service

Inclusive CTO as a Service Guidance

Trusted by Startups and SMBs across verticals SocialTech, MarTech, FoodTech, FinTech, Blockchain, SecurityTech, AI Automation Tech for high growth business

CTO as a Service

Products Philosophy

Empowering businesses with innovative, open-source technologies and custom built, in-house solutions. Helping them to reach next “billion” with secure, scalable & robust software development.

MultiCloud Development and CloudOps
R&D Tech Team in Service

High performing, Battle Tested Core Tech R&D Team put in service

MultiCloud Agile Expertise

85 percent businesses use Cost Optimized, Best Fit solutions with Multicloud environments

CTO Technology Management Service

Solution & Technical Architecture. Technical Product Management. Technology Stack decision making.

High Growth Tech Partners

Partnered with Tech Leaders likes Microsoft Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud as well as Tech disruptors like Fluree, Tardigrade etc.

Why We’re Different?

Why CloudBloq

Case Studies

Find out how our customers are using CloudBloq services

Our Awesome Tech Stack

``Every business will become a software business...``. - Satya Nadella, Microsoft. At CloudBloq, we follow it in our heart and have built strong tech ecosystem for this.

Multi-Cloud Technology Management

  • Multi-cloud Solution Architecture (Azure/AWS/GCP)
  • Best Fit Architecture with Security & Compliance
  • Automation with DevOps, Cloud SDK, Powershell, Bash
  • Hybrid Portability with Docker, Kubernetes,

Database and Decentralized Technology

  • Expertise on MySql, Postgres, Sql Server, CockroachDb
  • MongoDb, Gremlin Graph database, Azure Cosmos, GCP Firestore
  • Blockchain based Graph database - Fluree
  • Decentralized cloud storage -

Operational Analytics at Scale

  • Fast and highly scalable data analytics service
  • Near Real Time, Streaming mode analytics with Azure Synapse, Azure Data Explorer, GCP BigQuery
  • Scale apps with Highly concurrent HTAP services
  • Build ML on Fully Managed service

Scaled MLOps

  • Scale MLOps with AI Pipelines like GCP Vertex AI

Delightful Experience

Nothing but the best

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