CTO as a Service

Great products start with great people, mindset and wisdom of experience. We are helping early stage Founders, Startups & SMEs to realize their digital products and grow business together.

Close Collaboration between CTO and Business Owner

You have a great idea for an app, but you don’t have any idea how to implement it!!

You developed your MVP or working prototype using low-cost developers, and now you realize it can not be scaled further!!

Do you need someone hands-on, with senior technical leadership experience to help you meet with investors, to help you evaluate vendors, to help you do technical roadmaps and design?

With CloudBloq, build sophisticated software systems similar to other enterprise or tech giants, irrespective of it’s size, skills or knowledge pools. Our exclusive “CTO-as-a-Service/CTO-in-residence” offering which solves all of your “Tech Management” concerns related to digital / tech transformation. It will help in,

– Reduced time to market.
– Continuous releases and outcomes.
– Key milestones and release planning
– Tech stack decision making
– Building relevant tech team as needed
– Seed culture values among team members and stakeholders

Technology Transformation Simplified

  • Fast MVP deployment with Minimum Viable Technology (MVT)
  • Anchoring Technology Direction throughout the product lifecycle
  • Focus on core business while we do technology heavy lifting
  • Affordability & inclusive service from day one
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