Decentralized Cloud Native Data Management

``Decentralized Cloud Native Data Management`` focuses on ``Data centric security`` Data integrity, performance, security and scalability for your modern cloud native and hybrid cloud applications. It's more robust, secure and also surprisingly very cost effective! to disrupt and democratize business with their digital transformation.

Decntralized Data Management

Secure Data management is big area of concern both for tech vendors as well as tech businesses. There are numerous tools, workaround, APIs and services being developed to protect “Data” with Encryption, Authentication and Authorization. In a multicloud/hybrid world building “Secure” cloud native, data management is always a challenge when it comes to security, data tamper protection and data auditability. Also “availability” is a another big part where businesses go for their respective DR strategy.

“Decentralized Cloud Native Data Management” comes up with FAIR Data concept with “data-centric security” design. It handles all the security aspect of encryption, data availability, data traceability,  disaster recovery as well as edge caching for CDN level performance. Technologies like Fluree & Tardigrade addresses these concerns with web3 standards, leveraging Blockchain and decentralized storage at global scale.

CloudBloq proudly partnered with and in the decentralized ecosystem.

Data Management Simplified

  • Security - High data security with Immutability, Tamper proof and decentralized data
  • Reliability - Traceability, tamper proof data make it more reliable and resilient
  • Productivity - Cost Optimized, unified solution design orchestration
  • Fast MVP - CloudBloq offers custom solutions with and fluree
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