Multicloud, Decentralized Solution Architecture as a Service

We help with complex and critical solution architecture for your application, so that you an focus on ``what your application should do and at which scale`` rather which cloud platform or how

Open Multicloud, Decntralized Solution Architecture

A Decentralized cloud system runs on blockchain, help to create more secure network and storage ecosystem. We are now in a exciting period where traditionally cloud providers converge with Decentralization, Blockchain and Open Source to make a Open, Multicloud ecosystem.

It comes with it’s own challenges of ops, architectural complexity. But at the same time we can unlock the great benefits of Security, Resiliency and Scale with best of the worlds of Multicloud and Decentralized ecosystem. We are proudly partnered with and as well as Azure, Google and Alibaba cloud on this.

Solutions Architecture Simplified

  • Security - High data security with Immutability, Tamper proof and decentralized data
  • Reliability - Traceability, tamper proof data make it more reliable and resilient
  • Productivity - Cost Optimized, unified solution design orchestration
  • Velocity - Adapt to changes with quick agility and opensource infusion
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