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Community experience isn’t an endpoint or a goal you can reach, it’s a relationship among humans, and it requires active participation, attention and maintenance.

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A Open platform connecting followers of Jesus in their city to one another. It’s massive challenge for building a scalable, secure Social graph for connecting people in cities across US. Also provision the solution architecture in a way that it can scale to different cities, countries across the globe. The system has to provision millions of user with millions of groups and events across cities. This also needs to handle massive amount of data being generated from user’s activities, interactions with each other etc.



To begin with CloudBloq started focusing on “Data & Micros Services” strategy. It defined the Multicloud Solution design with AWS, Azure and GCP leveraging unique, best in class Database and Storage solutions to meet the high scale, growth requirement. CloudBloq took care of challenging tasks of orchestrating Multicloud Services, In-house Data Feed Algorithm and a uniform data distribution with Multi-model distributed databases with Graph, SQL, NoSql and  Caching layer. It kept in mind about Involved’s unpredictable growth nature which can spike up suddenly both in user volume and platform usage. Several infra and apps level security put on place to protect attacks like DDoS, OWASP preventions etc.



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A Open platform connecting followers of Jesus in their city to one another.




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