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4FA Auth System for a Secure Messaging App with 1 million users Build with Us

Challenge wanted to build a 4FA (Location and Work Schedules based along with Password and OTP Verification) Authentication System for its’ highly secure & complaint remote work platform. The 4FA would also support Office 365 apps ecosystem for Businesses to effectively manage its workforce. Also it should be able to scale and handle million users base.


CloudBloq crafted “API First” Hybrid Solution design where it combines Hotshot proprietary messaging system and Azure AD Graph Ecosystem to create a 4FA Auth system. Also it was designed to be integrated with a 4FA mobile app and be used by the end users to self-service their usage of the app. It includes messaging, organizing office apps content and creating a secure, tamper-proof audit system for the apps usage. The different underlying services of the “Auth System” were implemented with “Serverless Microservices” approach for high resiliency and scalability. Several infra and apps level security put on place to protect attacks like DDoS, OWASP preventions etc.



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